A day at the Beach

Summer is fast approaching and the guys at Ocean Beach called us up to make some exciting updates in time for the season.

Our first task was to design an impactful update for the exterior mural. We painted the first Ocean Beach mural when they opened back in 2006, then updated it again in 2012, so we were extremely excited to be asked to paint it’s third evolution. It’s a huge wall, with loads of potential and lots of passers by! This was the most ambitious to date.

We took great care choosing the paint colours, carefully marked everything out and masked the lines with tape to ensure the best results.
We decided to spray the logo and some finishing touches with stencils, again to get a crisp clean finish.

Painting the mural was really enjoyable, we had great feedback from passers by and we are really pleased with the final result.
You really can’t miss it, if you are in Southend on a sunny day, go take a look!