Change Starts Here

Earlier this year we were approached by Southend Adult College to redesign their yearly prospectus.
Their previous material was in need of a refresh both structurally and visually, and we were keen to move it forward.

As a college offering so many different and varied courses, spanning three campus’ and covering a vast age group, it was important for the prospectus to be easy to follow and navigate. Our starting point was to simplify the layout and refine the colour system.

As in their previous material, we didn’t want to rely on stock photography, so took photos of the staff and students in action; in classrooms and on campus, giving the prospectus an insight into college life and making it more personal.

This has been a great experience and the staff at the college have been great in assisting us, and being open to our design ideas. We believe we have developed a prospectus that does the college justice and now demonstrates the exciting and aspirational place that everyone would want to study at.

You can view more of the work here.